The capable and professional team at FHBC are the experts in business related services who contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses by delivering a one-stop service that will add value and ensure sustainability and compliance.


We believe in the passion our clients have for their businesses.  We thus enable our clients to focus on that which they are good at whilst we contribute to the success of their business by performing all the other business-related tasks for them.


We employ and train a team who specialises in each of their related fields of expertise; and who are accountable to the values of our company.  We deliver our services by being informed, on-time, affordable and technically capable.

To Who:

  • To OUR CLIENTS, we are the trusted companion, the one stop service provider who establishes long-term business solutions and who continually adds value to their businesses and their lives.
  • To OUR EMPLOYEES, we are the employer of choice where career opportunities are provided within an environment build on shared values, safety, personal growth, informed and professional mentorship.  We care about the wellbeing of our employees.  We encourage a culture of celebration, where we celebrate success and great events in their lives.  We believe in establishing ownership and thus provide opportunities for our employees to partake in suggestions to better our company.  We also acknowledge the growing need for up-to-date technology and we continually look for opportunities to improve our inhouse IT service.
  • To OUR COMMUNITY, we offer the helping hand as and when we see the need.  We believe it is important to be involved and add value to our community, to ensure a better future for generations to come.