On 18 September 2000, Fisher Hoffman PKF was established in the home of Dawie Theron, a current director of FHBC.  Two other employees assisted Dawie.  Although a similar practice existed in Wellington, the number of clients grew extensively.  As the services were extended, the number of clients increased and the two-car garage, from which the practice was run, rapidly became too small.

The first move was during April 2002 to 3 Church Street.  After the employment of additional personnel, the second move to Wellington Centre followed in June 2004.
Apart from accounting services, tax services and related consultations, full-fledged salary processing, estates and human resource sections were also initiated, operating as FHBC (Financial Human Resources Business Consultants).

During 2006, important strategic decisions about the firm were taken.  This was followed by negotiations with Broodryk Kotzé Inc. to create a win-win undertaking to serve a broad base of clients.  This merger had the effect that personnel could specialize in various fields of interests’ and this is being applied with significant success.

The third move was during November 2007 to the Koffiehuis building at 4 Rose Street.  The fourth move was on 30 April 2008 to our own building in 3 Rose Street, after renovations to the building of Broodryk Kotzé Inc were done.  The front part of the building was renovated first and the Salary & Wage, Estates & Trusts and the HR Departments were still situated in the Koffiehuis whilst the renovations to the back area of the building was underway.  During October 2009 we were all under one roof after the renovations were completed in full.

During 2013 B-BBEE Verification Agents were registered as company.  During 2015 FHBC Fiduciary Services and FHBC Payroll Services were registered as companies.  In August 2015 FHBC Payroll Services moved offices to Jan van Riebeeck street due to limited space in our building at 3 Rose street.

In 2016 FHBC Consultants (Namibia) was registered as company.  In 2017 the name of the BEE company changed to FHBC B-BBEE Services.

During 2017 our services were extended by also offering commercial legal services.

We accepted an opportunity to be present in Paarl.  On 10 September 2018 we registered FHBC (Paarl) (Pty) Ltd.  From 1 October 2018 four employees from Jeffreys Bay joined our team.  Whilst the offices were prepared in Paarl, they were situated at our Wellington office.  On 15 April 2019 a few employees moved to the offices in Paarl at 42A Main Road.